Mobile Apps

We develop native applications for all mobile platforms with diverse nature such as games, news apps, augmented reality, administrative apps, maps, and more.

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Augmented Reality

In the search for cutting-edge technology, we have developed new ways to interact with the digital world. AR is our first step to return to our human reality.

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We develop games optimized for computers (PC, Mac), for mobile devices (iOS, Android), Web 2.0, consoles (Xbox, PlayStation), among others.

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WEB 2.0

We develop and design mobile websites, and applications tailored to provide information, collaboration, and user-centered design.

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(Search Engine Optimization) & (Social Media Optimization) for all digital media. Optimize your presence in the world of technology.

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WEB apps

We create web developments focused on mobile devices (either a smartphone or tablet) using programming tools that allow a "look and feel" just like a native app.

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Developments for ALL platforms

Manguito has strived to offer cutting-edge technology in all developments, which is why we have searched for countless tools to provide the potential of each platform according to your needs.

Some platforms are:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Oracle
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
  • Bada

Integrated multidisciplinary developments

All links in the value chain of the industry, are present, from developers, publishers, distributors of different software, and hardware platforms, network operators, and device manufacturers to marketing firms, specialized media or external promotion agencies , thus creating integrated developments to meet the most demanding market requests.

We have strategic alliances with various industries, experienced, and specialized in their field of products, and services, to offer along with our professional technology, and experience, new technological developments.



What our clients say…

We are known for our excellent service and professionalism due to our quality system and continuous renewal procedures. Our goal is to leave a mark on all developments.