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Why choose a Web App?

A web app is a web development focused on mobile devices (either a smartphone or tablet) used by programming tools that allow a “look and feel” like a native app. This means that from a browser in your device you can use the “app” no need to download and install the software.

The main feature of web applications is that they are multiplatform. Although some adjustments are required, one web app generally works on all mobile devices, provided they are compatible with the Safari Webkit engine.

Distribution independence means you are not subject to any control, either in the initial release or any subsequent updates. For native apps to be distributed within the AppStore or GooglePlay, you need their approval which is subject to certain restrictions. Also, users do not need to download and install any updates since the web app is viewed directly in the browser.

Related to the previous point, the distribution channel independence allows more control of the pricing policy on the distribution of content within the app (in-app), avoiding fixed ranges as established in certain apps stores.

In addition to freedom in the pricing policy, a Web App can run one or several different payment mechanisms and thus not having to pay the high fees of application stores (around 30%).

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